Prosthetic Denture Department

At Creative Dental, we can deliver a solution for practically any prosthetic and/or implant need you may have. Services include full and partial acrylic dentures, metal partial dentures, valplast flexible nylon dentures, implant supported dentures and associated repair and reline procedures.

Additional prosthetic appliances we can fabricate include bite splints for bruxing (grinding of teeth), bleaching trays for teeth whitening, custom made sports mouth guards and surgical stents to assist the oral surgeon in the placement of dental implants. We never compromise on quality which is why all our prostheses are fabricated using the best quality materials available. Each new case is given the attention it deserves in order to arrive at the best possible result for the patient.

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Full Denture: Acrylic
Acrylic dentures are more affordable than other denture options, but they tend to feel bulkier.Our full premium dentures are naturally looking, stain resistant, comfortable and durable. We offer several styles of full dentures, each with their own distinct advantages.
A rigid or flexible application that maintains the position of a displaced or movable part a splint unites the teeth in the dental arch so that they function as a single rigid unit.

Our custom-made retainers hold teeth in position after surgery and assist with teeth realignment procedure recovery.

Partial Denture
We offer several styles of partial dentures, to meet each individual’s needs.

The flexible Valplast partial is made from a special material that gives you added comfort and fit.

This partial has an acrylic base into which the denture teeth are set and is attached to your natural teeth with small metal clasps.

Cobalt / Chrome
Stronger, less bulky than acrylic, and a great fit. This partial has a metal framework to which our on-site laboratory will attach higher-quality denture teeth.

Implant Retained
Screw Retained
We specialise in using the All-On-4 implant solution, whereby teeth are all supported by four dental implants.
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Locator Case
The premier system for implant-retained overdentures, the Locator implant attachment with pivoting technology is a two implant-retained, tissue-supported prosthesis.

Custom made sport mouth guards are a must for any seasoned professional or young gun testing the boundaries of their sporting abilities.
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Reline & Repair
If your dentures are in need of repair or have become uncomfortable or loose, we offer a comprehensive reline and repair service to get everything back to its best. Contact us for more information.
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