Implants Lab Team NZ


Creative Dental is the New Zealand laboratory for the revolutionary implants denture system.

Implants is a paradigm shift in Full Arch Implant Surgery, implant/prosthetic design and implementation. The traditional thinking of bone preservation/bone grafting, more implants, multiple appointments over a lengthy time period, and costly procedures is long gone. In its place is 4 implants (two of them tilted), bone reduction (where necessary) and immediate loading – often in the same day. This leads to happy patients, lower costs, and better aesthetics due to the increased space for the dentist and dental technician to create the prosthesis.

More than 2000 successful cases since its Melbourne launch in 2010 is a testament to the revolutionary nature of this technology.

A special acknowledgment and a huge thank you to Dr Paulo Malo for this innovative invention that he has generously shared with the world. Be inspired! Your patients will thank you for it.

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