Cad/Cam Lab Team NZ

In the Creative Dental Crown and Bridge Department, we can deliver a solution for practically any implant need you may have.

Our products range from single dental crowns and 3-unit bridges to full mouth rehabilitation bridges. We also offer single implant manufacture and full mouth implant retained Hybrid superstructures.

All of our material options can be either cad/cam scanned and designed or custom manufactured in our laboratory. Contact us for more information about this service.

Monolithic Zirconia
Full anatomical Zirconia crowns are virtually unbreakable and look and feel like natural teeth. It’s unparalleled durability and the fact that it has no porcelain overlay, offers confidence and comfort to everybody lucky enough to enjoy it. The ideal solution for bruxers and grinders who have destroyed other restorations.

  • Solid Zirconia
  • Cad/Cam
  • Indications: bruting all posterior
A zirconia-reinforced glass ceramic matrix, Suprinity offers high reliability and strength with optimized edge stability. Aesthetically, Suprinity offers translucence, opalescence, and fluorescence; an attractive option for many.

  • Solid Block hybrid or zirconia / Lithium silicate
  • Cad/Cam (implant, single crown)
Emax ™
Emax ™ Lithium Disilicate dental crowns are composed of quartz, lithium dioxide, phosphoroxide, alumina, potassium oxide, and trace elements. This mix delivers enhanced strength, aesthetics, and versatility above that of traditional glass ceramic options.

  • Solid Lithium Disilicate
  • Cad/Cam – Pressed indications:anterior single up to unit
The first dental hybrid ceramic in the world with a dual network structure, delivering a high degree of elasticity and high load capacity after adhesive bonding. Its reduction of wall thickness enables restorations that are easy on oral substance with fast and efficient CAM fabrication.

  • Solid block hybrid of zirconia, lithium, silicate
  • Cad/Cam (implant, single crown)
There’s a reason PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crowns have been a popular choice for many over the last 60 years. PFM combines aesthetics and durability with an array of different metals and alloys available. We offer a range of PFM crowns options including non-precious, semi-precious and precious alloys.

  • Metal Core + Ceramic layering
  • Cast and technician manufacture
  • Indications: All arch any place + size
For gold crowns, we use 14-carat and 18-carat gold to ensure a result that clients love. A uniquely aesthetic, reliable option, gold crowns are long-lasting and a fantastically durable solution for grinders.

  • Cast Gold Crown
  • Cast and technician manufactured
  • Indications: single crown, 3-4 unit bridge, posterior only



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