Why are crowns & implants so expensive?
The materials used in manufacturing your crown come from America and Europe and are stringently tested for your safety. The skills used in the making of your crown are of the highest standard. This all comes at a cost.
Why do I have to see you to get my teeth colour matched?
Although your teeth appear white to the naked eye DNA proves that we are all different. Therefore to give you the best possible tooth match we require you to see us for analysis and photos. The technician seeing you will be the technician making your crown guaranteeing you continued personal and customised service.
How long does it take to get a crown made?
From the first time you consult with your dentist for a crown it is generally two to three weeks to have your crown finished. Our turn around time in the lab is seven working days.
How long should dentures last?
Generally a modern set of dentures should last you approximately five years before requiring some form of maintenance.
How long should my crown last?
Generally, all going well in your mouth, a crown could last up to ten years. But just remember that when your natural teeth change in colour or shape, your crown(s) don’t.
Why should I get a mouthguard custom made by a technician instead of the local pharmacy?
Your local clinical dental technician can provide you with a custom fit mouthguard that is designed only to fit you, and protect those areas in your mouth it was designed to do. A pharmacy-bought model is a “one size fits all” type and does not provide the same level of protection.
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